Do you want to become a patron?

Share the day to day of my creative process and enjoy all the facilities to acquire my creations. This club will make you feel part of a great project.

"Connecting with the artist is like snow in the desert, something unique and unforgettable".

Discover the advantages

Patron Club

mis ganas de seguir compartiendo lo que soy a través del arte, de crear, me han llevado a presentar esta alternativa de mecenazgo propio.
nuevos caminos para disfrutar juntos de la pasión por el arte.
Te pido un año de permanecia, después puedes seguir o cambiar de plan.
contacta conmigo para resolver tus dudas... ¡GRACIAS!
(si lo prefieres, puedes abonar tu cuota por transferencia bancaria. Escríbeme y te informo.)


25€ / month

Designed for those who want to become a patron of the arts.

- 5% on works of art
+ 10 % discount in shop

Booking of works

A graphic artwork as a gift every year

Exclusive invitation to private presentations

Personalised card


200€ / month

Are you thinking of acquiring a great work? This is your plan.

- 15% on works of art
+ 10% discount in shop

Booking of works

A graphic artwork as a gift every year

Exclusive invitation to private presentations

Personalised card


Advantages of patronage

Personalised card

You will receive a very special personalised stainless steel card on which I will personally engrave your name.

Welcome gift

You will start your collection with an original drawing of approximately A6 size, exclusive to each member of this Club.

Adding years together

Every year you will receive a print for your birthday, you will get a collection of small prints from the Patron's Club.

Private presentations

You will be my VIP guest at the private presentations of the works in the studio, before they are exhibited, and at the events I organise.

Access to reservations

Only members of the Patrons Club will be able to reserve the work they are interested in for three months before purchasing it.

Closer to you

I will keep you informed of the projects I develop with your support for creation. You are very important to me.

How was the Maecenas Club born?

to facilitate the acquisition of my works to those who enjoy my creativity and to make them witness my creative process, that's the idea.

How did the idea come about?

The satisfaction of sharing the entire creative process with you makes patronage an enriching action for both parties, supporting culture in the first person. My passion for my vocation has led me to create this alternative of my own patronage, to which those who enjoy my work and encourage me to continue creating are invited.


This club was created to establish a personal relationship with those who enjoy my creations, so that patrons and sponsors can easily acquire them thanks to the advantages of belonging to this club. Direct contact is fundamental in this project in which I bring my motto #Arteparavivir to enjoy a work of art at home.

How can you help me?

These contributions facilitate my work as an artist, covering the costs of materials and supplies needed to make my works, they allow me to carry out new projects, to focus on continuing to create, you give me the time I need to think, feel and share emotions in new works. THANK YOU! For wanting to have a little piece of my art.

Club sponsors

Sponsorship is a professional relationship where the sponsor obtains publicity through the activities he/she financially promotes to take place.
I present three categories with different ways of sponsoring my work. If you want to bet on art to give value to your company, I will be happy to see with you the best way to grow together. " Art for life" can also be your business motto.


Sponsor a specific event
Contribution study depending on the specific event
- 5% discount on the purchase of any work of art in the shop.


Become a sponsor and get a wide variety of works of art.
- Monthly contribution of 500€ (One year of permanence)
- 10% discount on the purchase of any work of art in the shop.
- Monthly mention in Social Networks of your support for artistic creation.


Commissioning of major works. Conditions depending on each project.
- 15% discount on the purchase of any work of art in the shop.
- 15% discount on the acquisition of the sponsored work exclusively, with express indication in the exhibition of the work, in the certificate of the same, in the catalogue if there is one and in the information of the work on the web.

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