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C'UP Your choice on top!

On 1 January 2010 I woke up dreaming that I had a cup with two different capacities and that I could choose between a black coffee and a latte just by turning it. A great adventure began.

I developed the idea, I got the Utility Model, with international designs and brand, I found a manufacturer and financing, I designed the corporate image, the website, the packaging, I took charge of the product's social networks and its APP. Art for the table.

After international recognition in the press, exhibitions and competitions,
these designs are part of the permanent collection of the Barcelona Design Museum, "From the World to the Museum". After this achievement I decided not to produce any more and turn them into collector's items.

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A reflection

Design made art to transform the everyday into a unique moment.

C'UP Your choice on top!

My project C'UP Your choice on top! has meant a lot in my career as an artist, as an entrepreneur and as a person. A continuous learning process of self-improvement and gratitude to all those who believed in it and in me. A path that has tested me with great lessons.

Each C'UP has been made in a single piece, handcrafted in semi-automatic pressed glass, polished by hand, made entirely in Spain, as well as its accessories and packaging. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, perfect for hot or cold drinks, starters or desserts. A new piece of tableware for lovers of art and the most refined design.

Turning these pieces into collector's items was a decision in keeping with who I am and what they have achieved in themselves. As an artist, there is no greater recognition than to see your work on permanent display in a museum and its production, like my sculptures, also has to be limited.


In my book "Arte para vivir. Ana Hernando. 30 years creating" I collected my career and all my public works until 2018.
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