There are three important moments when creating: defining what, why and how.

One to One Training

My creativity leads me to undertake different projects and my multidisciplinary experience allows me to give workshops to children and teenagers, talks to university students and private classes adapted to all ages.

I have developed a series of intensive courses to solve technical doubts, encourage creativity, talk about entrepreneurship or where I find inspiration. Ninety minutes in a personal and direct class to accompany you in your project. Shall we talk?

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A reflection

Artists are indispensable, they keep the ephemeral in mind.

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Personally attending my exhibitions and those who have attended some of my talks, has allowed me to know that there are many aspects of my way of carrying out a project that can be of help to others in theirs. As an artist, the way I deal with things is different and creativity is nothing more than finding a different solution to the same problem. That applies to any field.

Time is very valuable and sharing it with what we know is a great way to grow mutually. We each have specific interests in things that enrich us, but there is always something more we can learn. Many of you have suggested that I share my experience and I finally have a way to do it.

The courses are given by coordinating with you the day and time, by videoconference, in a fluid and focused way on what you need. Personal contact is fundamental for me and I would love to be able to give you the necessary motivation to dare to take a step further. Art for life is my motto and I hope it is also yours.


In my book "Arte para vivir. Ana Hernando. 30 years creating" I collected my career and all my public works until 2018.
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