The media is like water that waters the artist's work and helps him/her to be visible.


Since my first exhibition in August 1988, when a small review of the event appeared in a newspaper, the media have been witnesses to my career.

It is impossible to share here all the publications of more than thirty years dedicated to this vocation that defines me.

What I can do here is to offer my thanks to all those who dedicate a space to me in their newspaper, magazine, radio or television programme and in the online media, helping me to move forward. You are very important for my works to reach far. Thank you!

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Throughout all these years I have learnt a lot from the media, I have learnt to adapt to the limited time of a television interview, or the hectic pace of a radio programme, one has to think quickly about what one wants to communicate and adapt constantly. I try to do it in a close and spontaneous way, being yourself is the best way to get by anywhere, even if it sometimes scares us a little.

This space that you give me to make known the works I create in the studio is necessary to share the culture and sensitivity that humanises this society. The artist's gaze through his creations needs a projection beyond his physical exhibition.

I fondly keep all the clippings and pages that record those unforgettable moments, some of them now in yellow, witnesses of all the time that has passed. Also the videos on VHS, on CD and interviews and reports in digital format... relics that evolve, adapting. The formats change, but the emotion they contain always remains the same. Art to live.


In my book "Arte para vivir. Ana Hernando. 30 years creating" I collected my career and all my public works until 2018.
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