that sculpture waiting for us on a walk
is a gift to have a great day

Public works

In this section you will get to know some of my sculptures located in different cities and what it means to me when you come across them. It is always a responsibility to intervene in public spaces and leave your mark on them.

In 1999 my first public work, "Danzando para la luna", was inaugurated in Valladolid, after the success of a solo exhibition at the Palacio de Pimentel. The emotion of the commission is always equally intense and I am grateful for the confidence in my ability to enrich that space with sensitivity.
I hope you will be able to visit them sometime, do you feel like it?

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A reflection

Sharing a love of art never disappoints, it always surprises.

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When we travel we realise how important it is to find beauty in the places we visit, in the landscapes and gardens, in the buildings, in the facades, in the streets and squares?

Public sculpture transmits emotions, memories, intentions, tributes and mysteries through each artist. The public work brings the street to life and offers a moment of rest to those who contemplate it, it reflects the culture and values of its people, who present it to those who visit the city. I would like it not to be considered a luxury but a necessity to bring art to everyone, with generosity, sometimes it is someone's first contact with art and that can change everything. There is a lot to discover in them.

Every commission for a public work is a great responsibility, and a physical and intellectual challenge. My aim is to maintain its essence with my own language and the connection with whoever approaches it. I am always grateful for the opportunity, for having a place to share my motto, "Art for living", to make anyone who encounters it feel emotions.

A continuación te presento algunas de mis obras públicas más relevantes.

"Somos Abrazo" es una obra muy especial, creada como homenaje a los fallecidos por el covid.


In my book "Arte para vivir. Ana Hernando. 30 years creating" I collected my career and all my public works until 2018.
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