There is nothing like art to say without words what makes us feel

Commissioned work

As an artist, it is of special value that someone wants me to make a commissioned work for him. His trust in my way of looking and expressing with my own style that emotion that he wants to be close to, is a gift for me.

Finding the perfect synthesis, the balance between that need and my own personality, becomes an adventure always full of expectation... for both parties.

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A reflection

The power of communication that art has is immense and connecting with the artist that moves us
is a magical moment.

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Carrying out a commissioned work means a lot to me, someone has taken the time to get to know me and trusts my ability to express what they need through my creativity and experience. To achieve this I have to find the essence of the project and for this there are two aspects that must converge in the final work: to reflect what the client asks of me and to maintain my own style of synthesis as far as possible.

Whether it is for a company, an entity or an individual, whether it is a small medal, a painting or a monumental work, I develop the concept of the idea by presenting a sketch that includes all the aspects of the work, adapting to the needs and characteristics of each proposal.

I am sincerely grateful for the trust and the opportunity that each commission gives me to grow as an artist. Creating this exclusive work is a constant learning process. I like challenges.

A continuación te presento algunas de mis obras de encargo más relevantes.


In my book "Arte para vivir. Ana Hernando. 30 years creating" I collected my career and all the commissioned works until 2018.
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