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Three artists sharing our passion in a unique art and dance project, we are Ana Hernando, Emily Chamberlin and Peter James. In this video you will get to know our connection.

You will find the videos of the first choreographies a little further down and on the way you will discover all the details of this adventure.
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How did "Somos Abrazo. Art & Dance" was born?

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"We are embrace" is the title of a sculpture created by Ana Hernando in 2020 to remember what the covid-19 pandemic has meant globally, sharing in this universal embrace the emotion it conveys: consolation, hope and reunion.

After sharing the creation process on social networks, Ana Hernando received a proposal from the New York dancer Emily Chamberlin to create a dance performance around this work together with the international dancer Peter James, originally from Nigeria and resident in Madrid, who already collaborates with Ana Hernando in other projects.

From this connection between dance and sculpture arises a collaboration between the three artists, uniting their talent in a project with an international dimension to capture emotions through movement: We are Abrazo. art & dance. This starting point will be enriched over time through different artistic interactions between them, given that the search for and expression of emotions is the central axis of Ana, Emily and Peter's professional trajectory. The sensitivity embodied in Ana Hernando's sculptures has made these fantastic dancers want to express through dance what makes them feel. Art is life and life is art. Ana Hernando's motto, Art to livemakes perfect sense here. Emily and Peter transmit in their choreographies all the passion and emotion that Ana also expresses in her works.

This adventure began in April 2022, when Emily Chamberlin travelled to Madrid and the three artists were able to work together. This international project of dance and art had a very special presentation with a performance in the emblematic and universal city of Alcalá de Henares, a World Heritage Site, on 17 June 2022 with a press conference.

The three artists want to make people feel and be a meeting point, which is why they aim to offer the opportunity to share this adventure through their Instagram profile( How they met, how they work together despite the distance, what moves them to create, essays, reflections, sketches, videos, photos and a direct invitation to contact and share the embrace that art offers us and that we need so much.

Emily and Peter express with their dance what Ana's works transmit and "Somos abrazo" is only the first, the best way to start. This is how this project will grow, from the emotions we share as human beings through art.

Each new choreography will bring the dream of a show of your own closer.

We are embrace. Art & dance" is an artistic event full of emotion, which can take place on the stage of a theatre, in the open air or in the middle of nature. An opportunity not to forget that art expresses the essence of the embrace that helps us to move forward.

Something new, original and that leaves no one indifferent, that brings out the best in human beings so as not to forget them.

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